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Competitively priced, custom neon signs.

Free Pickup in Geelong
Shipping Australia Wide

The Laser Cutting Studio can provide both indoor and outdoor neon signs for your event, business and home! Neon signs are priced based on size/amount of neon tubing required, so custom neons need to be quoted and designed individually.

You can get an idea on pricing by looking at our price guide.

Choose your colour. Your sign can be either white or coloured when the neon is switched off (jacket colour).

Neons usually come with clear acrylic backing which can be cut around the shape of your neon, or any other desired shape such as round/square/rectangle. If you prefer coloured or printed acrylic backing we can do that too!


There are small holes drilled in the backing and each sign comes with wire for hanging. Neons can also be screwed into wall studs.

Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for design, production and delivery of your neon. Contact us today with your ideas to get started.