Can I get something different to the products in your store?

Absolutely. We love to create custom products, and we can do much more than what is currently in our store. Check out our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages for inspiration; or send us your ideas and we can give you a quote on making it happen. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

I live in Geelong, can I pick my item/s up from somewhere?

Yes. If you live in the area we can arrange a free pickup, or if your order is over $150 we can deliver to you in the Geelongarea - free of charge. Please let us know when placing your order. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

Can I provide my own artwork file?

Yes you sure can. Artwork needs to be submitted as vector art in either a PDF or AI file, with all fonts outlined. Contact us if you would like to confirm further details. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

How do you calculate pricing?

There are many factors that go into calculating pricing; including desired materials, size, quantity, design time, machine time and finishing. We like to talk to our customers to find out their exact needs before providing a price. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

Can you do a custom design for me?

Sure can! Our team is always up for the challenge of dreaming up unique design. We have 12 years of Graphic Design experience under our belt - so we've got you covered. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

Are there other colours?

There are a LOT of different acrylic colours available that we can special order in for you. Sometimes these colours are a bit more pricey than the standard colours in our store. Please contact us and we can advise if the colour you are after is available. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

I need something quickly, can you help?

Sometimes we are able to do quicker than average turnaround, depending on a number of factors including your requirements and our workload at the time. Please contact us to discuss any rush orders and we will do our best to help. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

Do you have a physical store where I can see samples?

We are currently an online based business with no physical shopfront, but we know it's important to know what you are buying. If you are in the Geelong area we can meet with you to show you physical samples of materials and products. If you are within Australia we can organise to post samples of requested materials to you for a small fee. Keep an eye on our social pages to see if we will be displaying at any upcoming expos in your area. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

Can you engrave / cut metal?

Unfortunately we can't engrave or cut metal at the moment. Please refer to our "What materials can you cut & engrave?" answer for a comprehensive list of materials we can work with. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

What materials can you cut & engrave?

We can Cut: Acrylic
Cork Delrin Fabric
Fiberglass Leather Matte Board Melamine
Mylar Paper
Plastic Pressboard Rubber Wood (Interior plywood, bamboo, etc)
Wood Veneer We can Engrave: Acrylic
Anodized Aluminum
Coated Metals
Cork Delrin
Fiberglass Glass Leather Marble Matte Board Melamine Mylar
Painted Metals
Plastic Pressboard Rubber Tile Wood (Interior plywood, bamboo, etc)
Wood Veneer thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

Can we have a meeting?

We sure can. Sometimes clients prefer a face-to-face chat about their needs and we are more than happy to get together and offer some friendly advice. If you are unable to get to us, we can also conduct meetings via Zoom. Just contact us to organise a time! thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

Can I provide my own material?

We try our best to accommodate our client's needs, however we can’t guarantee that all supplied materials can be used. Send us an email to see if we can help. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com *Clients use their own supplied material at their risk, whilst we are very careful with every job, The Laser Cutting Studio are not liable for unsuccessful cutting or engraving

Do you deliver?

If orders are over $150 we are happy to deliver within Greater Geelong when requested. We can also deliver orders via Australia Post or courier depending on size and cost. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

How do I pay for my custom order?

Once your custom order (an order placed via email, not on the online store) is confirmed, we will issue you with an invoice which you can pay via EFT. Once payment has been received / payment confirmation has been provided, we will process your order. Payment after completion may be considered depending on the situation.

Let's get started! thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

What is the machine flatbed size?

The full bed size of our machine is 1016 x 711mm with a maximum material thickness of 330mm. When setting up your design, please make sure that you keep everything within these boundaries. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

Can I hire your products?

Not yet, but a hire range is in the works, stay tuned. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

Do the materials get burned?

Due to the nature of the CO2 laser, some materials can leave slight burn marks around the edges of the cut and design. With customised settings in the machine we are able to keep burn marks to a minimum, but sometimes they can’t be avoided. To help reduce burn marks, we can apply an adhesive tape for a small fee. Alternatively, some of our materials can be lightly sanded afterwards to remove burn marks.

What is the difference between cutting & engraving?

Cutting Materials are cut all the way through. You instruct the laser where to cut with vector line placement. Engraving Materials are technically burned away to create a ‘coloured in’ look. Engraving is more time consuming compared to cutting. Score – Materials are marked with a shallow score line.

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is the process of using a powerful laser to cut and/or engrave items from flat sheets of material such as plastic and wood. The laser cutter works by directing a high powered laser beam very precisely at the chosen material to either etch, mark or cut right through. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

What are your turnaround times for Wedding items?

It is best to get orders in early for wedding items. If you are not 100% sure on what you would like, please allow time early on to organise your order with us. In peak wedding season (September - March) we like to allow 4-5 weeks (after artwork approval) for production of your items. In the lower season (April - August) we like to allow 3-4 weeks (after artwork approval) for production of your items. Please allow an extra 2 weeks on top of the above timelines for the artwork approval process, to accommodate any alterations to proofs. If you are in a bind and need something more quickly, we will try our best to help - please contact us to check. Check out some of our popular wedding products here. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

How long do Neon Signs take?

Neons take 3-4 weeks to produce after artwork approval. They can be processsed faster for a rush fee of $40. Please refer to our Neon Information thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

When will I receive my order?

Please refer to our Shipping & Returns Policy for turnaround times. Please contact us directly if you require express shipping / a rush order. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com

Do you offer bulk discounts for Weddings?

Yes we offer Wedding Package discounts for 4 or more wedding items! Please contact us via email with what you have in mind and we can put together a package price for you. thelasercuttingstudio@gmail.com